We may be a little late on this post but…

Happy New Year 2014! 


We hope you’ve had an incredible journey in 2013. Whether it be a trying one or a victorious one, let’s celebrate how much we’ve grown and how much we’ve learned throughout the past 365 days (or so); or even the fact that we’re alive and kicking right at this second! So, YAY!

2013 has been an exciting journey for EduNation and we, too, celebrated the numerous milestones that we shared with our fellow colleagues in our effort to change the education arena in Malaysia. So on the 27th of December, we had a ‘Back to School Party’ at our office. We were dressed as school kids, school teachers, and our unsung hero who helped us grow physically–the canteen lady. There were so much laughter, fun, games, gifts, food, and more laughter!

Back to school

We would like to thank you for all your support, your gracious and constructive feedbacks to help us improve, and your encouragement to help fan our fiery passion for Malaysian education. To our teachers, translators, video editors, site administrators, supporters, partners, sponsors, and the guys at Brickfields Asia College, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your undying support and for always going out of your way to help us to be where we are today. Thank YOU!

Here’s to another amazing year from everyone of us at EduNation! Together, let’s improve education for every Malaysian student!

Over and out,
Jennifer Low
The Loudspeaker